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August 8th 2020

If you tear out a man's tongue

• Trust in News Media Continues to Plummet - #NewWorldNextWeek
—The Corbett Report
• Bioethics Prof Michal Lederman Calls for Mandatory COVID Vaccine
• NASA Gets WOKE with the Stars!
• Doctor Investigated For ‘COVID MISINFORMATION’ Exonerated
—The Highwire Del Bigtree
S0 News Aug.8.2020 | SOHO UFO? Major Censorship, Gulf Stream Shutdown
• Climate Science in Turmoil

• Abendschau speziell für Journalisten Corona 119
—Dr. Bodo Schiffmann; Luckylohn
• Corona Untersuchungsausschuß Termin 08:
USA - der Blick von innen / Aktuelle Lage in Schweden, Frankreich und Italien u.a.
• 🐷 Tagessau 006 - Maskenberater, App für den Ar*** und Bestatter in Not
—Dave Brych
• Testen, Testen, Testen
• Zwangstests, Kindes-Entzug und was dann?

Harry's reminder for today:
There is No such Thing as Government Property
for government has only stolen money obtained by blackmail and credit fraud to spend

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