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September 4th 2020

Read the Box, Karen

The New World Order Normal Keeps Marching on with Censorship, Black Bagging and Orchestrated Famines
—The Dollar Vigilante
• 'Daniel Andrews' police state is now world famous': Bolt
—Sky News Australia
• COVID Robocops Arrive in Michigan - #NewWorldNextWeek
—The Corbett Report
The Tangled Web of Cover Uppers

—Amazing Polly
• S0 News | Recurrent Miniature Nova, Triple System, Lightning
• I am not your human guinea pig!
When Victimhood Leads to Genocide
- Prof. Jordan Peterson on Dekulakization
—Jordan Peterson Fan Channel
The South China Sea Stand-off Explained
—John Martin 

• Virus Wahn? Interview mit Dr. Claus Köhnlein
• Offene Dikatur in Victoria - Australien - in Deutsch
• 02.09.2020 #Leak #Polizei #Berlin #Einsatz Michael #Ballweg #Querdenken #Demo #Termine #b2908 #b3008

—Martin Lejeune 
„Das #BVerfG verschließt die Augen vor der Realität“ Verfassungsrechtler Prof Dr Bücking #Querdenken
—Martin Lejeune 
Juristische Analyse: "Abmahnungen + Kündigungen sind rechtswidrig!", Elmar Becker, ehem. Fachanwalt
• Nach Berlin-Demo: Was jetzt?
• Schöne Grüße aus Wien, morgen-Demo in Wien und in Graz mit Armin, Samuel Eckert und Bodo Schiffmann.

—Bodo Schiffmann 
• Kein zurück: Deutsche Innenstädte vor dem Kollaps
—eigentümlich frei

Harry's reminder for today:
Time is of the Essence! Do not Delay your Protest and Disobedience!
If there is an Anti-Covid-Totalitarianism Protest anywhere near you,
PLEASE do attend! It doesn't matter much who organizes it, at this point it's swim or sink.
Disobedience may result in a fine, obedience will result obliteration. Your call.

If what you see is of some value to you, I would appreciate your help in funding this site. Thank you very much. -Harry

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