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September 16th 2020

how could they comply

•  A Virus So Deadly, The Government Has to Test You to See If You Have It
—The Dollar Vigilante
• Is There A Flu Shot / COVID Link? - Questions For Corbett
—The Corbett Report
• YOUR Money Down the Drain BBC’s Lineker and Ball

—Carl Vernon
• 2.4 Million People Are On China's Target Database; Vaccine Plant Leak in China Sickens Thousands

—Crossroads with JOSHUA PHILIPP
• The Uyghur Genocide

—John Martin
• S0 News Sep.16.2020 | Cycle 25, Mass Animal Deaths, Diamond Planet

• Review of the CMB Dipole: COBE, WMAP, PLANCK, and RELIKT-1
—Sky Scholar  

Wikipedia Propaganda einfach erklärt! Interview mit Markus Fiedler aus Wikihausen
• Eklat: Katrin Göring-Eckardt
macht sich wieder lächerlich
—eigentümlich frei
• Marc Friedrich: 5 vor Kollaps
• Ein Ausweg - Deine Unabhängigkeit - Selbstständig machen mit Online Markting

—Archivkanal Dave Brych
• Papa, Mama, wart ihr zu doof oder zu feige? | Heiko Schöning in München
—GD-TV Schwäbisch Gmünd
• Interview mit Rechtsanwalt Dr. Reiner Fuellmich - Prof. Dr. Martin Schwab

• Virologen und ihre Gefolgschaft: Die Taliban der Moderne? (Olga Masur)
—RPP Institut 

Harry's reminder for today:
Time is of the Essence! Do not Delay your Protest and Disobedience!
The only remedy for Totalitarianism is DISOBEDIENCE. Freedom does require COURAGE. Be courageous!
If there is an Anti-Covid-Totalitarianism PROTEST anywhere near you, legal or otherwise 

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