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September 7th 2020

child abuse

•  Have You Realized The Lockdown Is Here To Stay Yet?
You Can Stick Your New World Order Normal Up Your A$$
—The Dollar Vigilante
• A Brave New Normal?
—The Highwire with Del Bigtree
• I'm Back! (September 6th 2020)

—Dr Vernon Coleman
Facebook Fact-Checkers Bought and Paid for By Gates Foundation?
—Ben Swann
• Anti-lockdown protests met with heavy police presence in Melbourne
ABC News (Australia)
• Queensland showing incredible support!!!

—Sally Joseph 
• If It Can Happen In AUSTRALIA It Can Happen Here!

—Press For Truth
• 'Kim Jong-Dan' has confirmed himself as a 'bully and a dictator': Alan Jones
—Sky News Australia 
• S0 News Sep.7.2020 | Sun, Weather, Quakes, Harvard Nova Battle - Round 2

Das Gute wird siegen
• Reichstagserstürmung? So manipulativ arbeitet BILD. Analyse. Medienkritik. Propaganda. #denkeselbst
—Langemann Medien 
Sind die Deutschen doch nicht die vielbesungenen Schlafschafe? (Perle 386)

—eigentümlich frei
"Es ist schockierend, wie einfach es war, Grundrechte einzuschränken." - Julian Reiss im Gespräch

—Gunnar Kaiser
• Corona Interview Bodo Schiffmann Teil 37
• Egal was passiert, wir hören nicht auf | Samuel Eckert Interview mit Trish am 29.08.2020 in Berlin

—GD-TV Schwäbisch Gmünd 
• Der Hygiene-Staat

Melbourne wird zerstoert. Restriktionen aufgrund Covid-19
—Bernie aus Australien
• Verleumdungen, Lügen, Drohungen gegen Menschenwürde-Aktivisten

—Tu Was

Harry's reminder for today:
Time is of the Essence! Do not Delay your Protest and Disobedience!
If there is an Anti-Covid-Totalitarianism Protest anywhere near you,
PLEASE do attend! It doesn't matter much who organizes it, at this point it's swim or sink.
Disobedience may result in a fine, obedience will result obliteration. Your call.

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