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September 3rd 2020

Read the Box, Karen

SHOCKING ADMISSION: CDC Says Over 90% of Deaths Weren't COVAIDS19 and 90% of Tests False Positives
—The Dollar Vigilante
• Are You Awake Yet?
• Justice Rising on 9/11 Truth - Richard Gage
—The Corbett Report
Hell, One Step at a Time by Jordan Peterson - The Book Club
Fact Check: True! The Cabal is Panicking
—Amazing Polly
• The Pod People are here!! Invasion of the Body Snatchers!!
—Jeff Censored! 
• The Great Reset!
—Jeff Censored!

• Rund um Querdenken-Demos: Anwalt Markus Haintz und Nana Lifestyler im Interview mit Epoch Times
—Epoch Times Deutsch 
• Internationale Ärzte gegen die Corona Mafia Heiko Schöning Ärzte für Aufklärung
—Lu Bie
Interview mit Pascal Michalski - Wahnsinn in Panama
Der erfundene "Reichstags-Sturm": Hier die wahre Geschichte
—reitschuster de 
War der Sturm auf Reichstag gewollt?

• Corona 135 -- Ich bin ein Covidiot oder bin ich ein Illuminati, Freimaurer, oder Satanist
—Alles Ausser Mainstream Dr. Bodo Schiffmann 
Liebe Maskenträger... Ihr seid das Problem, nicht corona

—Gopal Norbert Klein

Harry's reminder for today:
Time is of the Essence! Do not Delay your Protest and Disobedience!
If there is an Anti-Covid-Totalitarianism Protest anywhere near you,
PLEASE do attend! It doesn't matter much who organizes it, at this point it's swim or sink.
As an Anarchist / Voluntaryist I stood next to lefties, base democracy fans, conservatives,

disgruntled greens, and really a spectrum of the population in Berlin's August 29th protest,
and despite all our differences, we were united in the rejection of tyranny.
... and just so you know, that protest was 100% peaceful.


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