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August 21st 2020

If you tear out a man's tongue

• What is the WHO? - Questions For Corbett
—The Corbett Report
• I'm back to Fighting Cops, Escaping from Jail and Freeing Slaves...
—The Dollar Vigilante
• Flote Social Media Platform Update with King and Angel

• How Bill Gates Censors Social Media
—Wolves And Sheeple
• Your Awakening Letters - Ep #2 - Aug 20, 2020
—Amazing Polly
• Max Igan in Conversation with Gunum Badi Jakamara

Shadow Gate: Full Documentary Millie Weaver Arrested For  
—The Binary Dissident
 (removed from YouTube, thus here another link)
• S0 News Aug.21.2020 | Nova by Dust, Magnetic River, Deep Quake

• John Ioannidis - "lockdown is a nuclear weapon that destroys everything"

—Gerald Celente 
• Exclusive: History of the Gates Foundation and Vaccine Injuries in India and Africa?
—Ben Swann

• Am 29.08. ab nach Berlin und Geschichte schreiben!
• Vereint gegen Corona Fake News:
Eine Erwiderung (Perle 377)
—eigentümlich frei
• Sucharit Bhakdi: RNA-Impfstoff und Corona-Fehlalarm
• 29.8.2020 Corona Demo - bis zu 10 Millionen europäische Demokraten in Berlin erwartet
• Corona und das Schweigen des Robert Koch-Instituts
—RT Deutsch
• Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg über die Zweite Welle
—Martin P. 
• Bahnchef RNV bricht Interview nach 52 Sek. ab! In welcher Verordnung steht 100% Maskenpflicht? 
—W.I.M. - Wirtschaft Information Meinung
• Alternative Nachrichten: Wie immer: Kemmerich knickt ein—eigentümlich frei
• BERLIN und seine AUSWIRKUNGEN - Kranke und Tote unter der Lupe - Pressemeldung von Querdenken
—Samuel Eckert
Maskenpflicht: Wie korrupt ist Markus Söder?

—Gerhard Wisnewski 
• Bregenz. Demo am Sonntag
—Alles Ausser Mainstream Dr. Bodo Schiffmann 

Harry's reminder for today:
Time is of the Essence! Do not Delay your Protest and Disobedience!
The gameplan is aiming at underminding individual independence to the core.
Every day this continues undistrubedly, your OPTIONS get fewer and fewer. Act today!
Join your local protests against the abuse of Covid-19 for political tyranny!

(removed from YouTube, thus here another link)
Shadow Gate: Full Documentary Millie Weaver Arrested For
—The Binary Dissident

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