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August 12th 2020

If you tear out a man's tongue

• How Dr. Fraudci Has Run This Same Billion Dollar Scam Decades Ago And Is Getting Away With It Again
The Dollar Vigilante
• Junk Food+Junk News=Junk Brains
—Gerald Celente
• Dont Do Your Own Research - Hell Yes AND Hell No 
Mainstream Media & Science Exposes COVID-19 As A Hoax
• S0 News Aug.12.2020 | Unidentified Comet, Mystery Ring, Radio Spiral  

• Das macht mich nachdenklich
• Gold + Silber RUMMS: Jetzt rein? 
• Virus-Wahn - AIDS SARS H1N1 - Milliarden-Profite mit erfundenen Seuchen - Dr. med. Claus Köhnlein
• Corona 123 Maskenpflicht an Schulen Querdenken Berlin und mehr
—Alles Ausser Mainstream Dr. Bodo Schiffman
• C spaltet Familie (Fanpost)
—Archivkanal Dave Brych 

Harry's reminder for today:
He Who makes the Claim, has to Prove it
someone claims his laws apply to you, tell him to prove it

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